Literacy Sessions

  • 1-on-1| small group with a literacy teacher.

  • virtual sessions available

  • all readers welcomed age 4 through 9.

  • pre-assessments will be administered.

  • children will receive individualized instruction

  • is differentiated and designed for your child

  • sessions are 30 minutes (frequency depends on client)

Sound Detectives

Word Builders

Word Detectives

Enrich Lit

is Reading Enrichment Academy curated to empower readers and create sustained reading stamina over time. This program builds on foundational skills needed to ensure that students can read and comprehend more complex text.

Lit Club

  • is a small literacy group that can be facilitated in person or virtually

  • will meet weekly

  • book will be provided

  • Readers will read or listen to the story and participate in book talk conversation with a partner or in a small group.